An Ordinary Day Film Festival 2022


19 – 24 April 2022

Unique international film festival

For the fifth year in a row, the international film festival An Ordinary Day Film Festival is arranged at the artist-run gallery Studio 44 on Södermalm in Stockholm between April 20-24. What distinguishes the festival is its focus on art and artistic expression.

The films shown represent a wide spectrum with everything from animations, experimental films, and sound experiments to music videos and documentaries. The format is a short film from half a minute to 20 minutes. The organizers have selected films with the common feature that they have some kind of twist; is not traditional storytelling.

World-renowned filmmakers from various countries are represented at the festival, as well as artists and filmmakers who have exhibited in art museums and art galleries, some of which have won international prizes. These are combined with debutants in an exciting mix.

This year, among others, the following artists are participating: Susanne Fagerlund, Joel Danielsson & Louise Öhman, Animation Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, Eija Temisevä, Finland, Nataliya Ilchuk, Ukrania, Sawako Kabuki, Japan, Giacomo Manzotti, Italy, Thomas Hicks, England, Gianluca Abbate, Italy as well as Elisabeth Belliveau, Canada among many more.

During the cultural night on April 23, the program will be a Polish film. New for this year is a collaboration with the producer association Munk Studio with support from the Polish Institute, and students from the Academy of Arts in Poznan, Poland. On Sunday, April 24, the festival has extended opening hours and a shorter film program is published on Facebook and Youtube for those who cannot come to the physical festival.
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