Studio 44 is an artist-run gallery.
We work to make room for multidimensional artistic exploratory working methods, experiments, work in process as well as results of long artistic work. We collaborate, build bridges and investigate the conditions for artist-run galleries in Sweden and internationally. Every year we invite artist groups from all over the world to collaborate, they exhibit at our gallery in Stockholm and we get the chance to exhibit in their galleries instead. During the exhibition periods, we have screenings, guest lecturers, workshops, poetry, music, etc.
Studio 44 has around 30 members. The gallery exhibits members as well as Swedish and international artists.
The business is open to everyone and the room is wheelchair accessible with a lift.

The organization Studio 44 consists of the board and working groups. All members are part of a working group and all work is carried out on a non-profit basis at present.
In 2017, Studio 44 received support from the City of Stockholm, the Artists’ Committee, and collaborated with ABF.

Studio 44 has received support from Stohlms StadKonstnärsnämnden/ABFStatens kulturrådNordisk Kultur Kontakt.

The area of Studio 44 is approximate 170 square meters. You are able to reach Studio 44 by staircase or elevator. The elevator is 85 cm x 160 cm and the door is 80 cm. In the space you can drive a motorized wheelchair. The toilet is 145 cm x 195 cm and the door is 80 cm.


Studio 44 – an artist-run gallery on Södermalm in Stockholm. We are part of Kapsylen and have our premises in the old capsule factory at Tjärhovsgatan 44.

Studio 44
Tjärhovsgatan 44 B, 1 tr
116 28 Stockholm

Opening hours during the exhibition periods
Thursday – Friday 12-18
Saturday – Sunday 12-17


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