Book on the first twenty years of Studio 44;

the arts

Warm thanks to Birgitta Ståhlberg who provided knowledge about the program and was an indescribable support throughout the book process. Thanks to friends, colleagues who supported so that this book could be created. Thanks to my husband who wholeheartedly supported despite a long work. Thank you to all the artists who have been and are members for your contributions and your determined free work with exhibitions over the years, without this support it would never have been possible.

Comment: The photographer’s name is printed in cases where it has been possible to obtain it. Often it is the artist himself who documented, in other cases it is Studio44 responsible for documentation, in still other cases the photographer’s name has not been able to be traced. Many years may have passed since documentation and the author has therefore not been able to be traced. If it is the case that the photographer’s name has been omitted, I apologize to the person concerned. It is not on purpose that this important work has been omitted. Certain images leave something to be desired in terms of quality, however, these images contribute to creating the story of this important activity.

Jannike Brantås


This book I want to be of art, artistry. There within pillars of conditions and shifts that affect the work of artists, their art expands unconditionally. The book is about what communion may give the artist and what the artist may give to the communion and all that may happen there in between. It wants to tell of a dynamic organization and the artists that have been and now are its members. The book is like a temporary encounter. Maybe an orchestra. The origin of the Greek word orchestra means a place for dancing.

Jannike Brantås

Price: 35 Euro

Foreword: Jannike Brantås
Proofreading: Monika Masser
Graphic form: Jannike Brantås
Design: Birgitta Ståhlberg and Masoud Shahsavari
Repro: Italgraf
Font: Didot
Paper: 120 g uncoated paper

The publication is done with the support of Längmanska Kulturfonden and Studio44, Stockholm in 2022.
Many thanks to Italgraf.
Copyright Jannike Brantås
First edition
Printed in Estonia via Italgraf Media 2022
ISBN: 978-91-987956-0-8
Individual spreads and texts: respective artist and writer. Compilation of exhibitions m m, Jannike Brantås based on Studio44’s website: copy Kenneth Pils, copy Anna Stina Erlandsson, and copy Studio44’s homepage group in 2021.
Editor: Jannike Brantås
Photo: see the photographer under each picture, Studio44’s documenters over the years and unknown photographers.