CIRCUIT (excerpt) 2:21 min. Full Video 5:15 min.

TRANSMISSION (excerpt) 1:41 min. Full Video 4:40 min

DISORDER (excerpt) 1:58 min. Full Video 06:50 min

DECAY (excerpt) 2:14 min. Full Video 7:00 min

SHIMMER. 4:05 min

Mats Landström

In the first place, Mats explores video as a medium. A cross-genre art expression where sound, music, and image merge. A creation of sound worlds or soundscapes that together with film form a whole. Often, the immediate environment can play the leading role. Everyday places or situations. He tries to problematize the values of necessity that exist in today’s society and that materialize on social media. The concepts he works with are the male and female roles, class, sense of value, time aspect forgetfulness, and change.