Adam, Eve and the Serpent
by Carolina Hindsjö

Time: 14:28 min
Sound: Lukas Nystrand von Unge
Voice over: Carolina Hindsjö
Animation: The Fat Lady

The story of creation. A love triangle- Adam, Eve and the Serpent.

God creates Adam, a smug man who likes working out. The snake turns into a woman, Knowledge. The first time
Adam sees Knowledge he is thrilled. he can’t get enough of her beauty. Eventually Adam is overcome with love.
He has to ask  Knowledge if they could go for a coffee. Knowledge looksat him and walks away. God shows mercy.
“I’ll give you Eve. She will love you.”“Who is Eve?” Adam muttered. Eve is a workingclass woman with a wooden leg.

That is the beginning of the movie Adam Eva and the Serpent, A Socialist and Feminist Drama. The creation story in
a new version. The film is in black and white. Where he colours of the gray scale scale has got different meanings,
just as it has in different religions, countries and myths. The film is a painting in black and white.

In Japan, black i associated with mystery, the night, the unknown, the supernatural, the invisible, and death.
Combined with white, it can symbolise intuition. And in fashion you talk about “the little black dress”. In Finnish
folklore white animals were believed to be omens of death. It was believed that death was peaceful and not to be
feared. Only a gateaway between the new and the past life.

The long version of the film and the text about the film will be realeased on the website Oct 2021.

myfriends #myfamily #peopleihaveloved
by Carolina Hindsjö

Animation: The Fat Lady

I have made the installation #myfriends #myfamily #peopleihaveloved. It means a lot of things. The first though I
had was that I wanted to go away form pure concept work. My life has taken too many turns and I have realised
there is never only one way. When you travel you always without knowing turn to a forest road for a while until
you find the highway again. Or you travel on the forest roads all your life.

I am half Swedish and I have been afraid talking about that my mother is Finnish. Lately it has been important
for me to show my Finnish heritage. My mother loves glass and my sister, brother and I often get glass as presents
from her. Therefor I used seethrough glass in this animation. I made drawings to put on the glass. The drawings are
made unconsciously. Pure intuition. There is only one drawing with the cross that is planned. This time I wanted to
use intuition when I was drawing.I choosed the colours that I liked, there is no special thought behind it.

In my animation the glass moves around the table with help by stop motion. The glass movement are made with
intution. I think it was my subconscious that wanted them to move around in that way, I believe the subconscious rule
the coincidence. All people have their own chance that is ruled by their subconscious. If you in any way change the
persons subconscious the persons chance will also change.

The installation is a monitor which is standing on a table which my grandfather made. But he isn’t my grandfather
even if I loved him all my life. My grandfather was in the war and he didn’t come home for a long time and my
grandmother got pregnant with another man, which I don’t know who he is. My grandfather was a spy in the war
and you can see on the table’s inertia that he didn’t feel very good inside. War make scar in the subconsious. Under
the table there are glass with drawings on top and there is a dvd-player. I see the glass and the drawings on top as
my relatives. My relatives in my subconscious has made my chance.

Septisk Tank
by Carolina Hindsjö

Time: 4:46 min
Music Group: Iskra
Animation: The Fat Lady

Septisk Tank is an esoteric film about living a life. The abstract forms is the body in different forms.
Combined with the ordinary bodies and bodyparts it will be another way of watching a life.

Lovely Journey
by Carolina Hindsjö

Time: 21:00 min
Sound: Lukas Nystrand von Unge
Voice over: Carolina Hindsjö
Animation: The Fat Lady

I wanted to make a film that didn’t have the ordinary storyline and that you didn’t know the whole story
after seeing 5 minutes of the film.For me it was important that “Lovely Journey” was build with fragments
and still had a narrative.

This is a film where I explore my faith. I am a feminist and believe in God. A woman’s journey. She is curious
and adventurous. She wonders what she will find. Full of energy, she begins her trip. At once she is thrown
into the duels of life. She shoots and is shot. She is wounded , some wounds won’t heal. The woman travels
in the city, in the sky, in the water andin the woods. She meets faith, hope and love. She meets good and evil.
She meets people in a cage. Her vision of man begins to take shape. Lovely Journey is a surreal animation.
The characters are mixtures of animals and humans, and the red horse is everywhere. The whole film refers
both to religion and also to socialism The film contains sexual objects and they are the womans experience
in sex. You You can read the film in many ways. For example when the woman sleeps and wake up on
the seventh day, it could be she who created the world, with the experience she had had before the sleep

The God of Sakarias
by Carolina Hindsjö

Time: 14:28 min
Sound: Lukas Nystrand von Unge
Voice over: Kaj Markaanen
Animation: The Fat Lady

The God of Sakarias is a three screen film. There are three point of views in one film. The main story is in the
middle and then to compliment the story there is one screen on each side. On the sides there is abstract forms
which are existential views on life and there is also the man’s experiences on the storyline. The story is about
loving. As a human being you can only love in a certain way and you put that feeling on everything. You even
put that loving on God. The humankind is simple. If you are a believer or not you are transfering your thoughts,
behavior, upbringing etc., on everything and everyone. Therefore God is almost like a human being. Even if you
think that you will never understand God, that thought is still a projection from your inside.

You can see that our whole society was build from how the humans react to situations. It is interesting that we
always develop to see our universe in new ways, but we always come back to the same pith. Are we really
developing? Maybe we should search inside us, instead.

Is the search for God the same as science? I have tried to show our love for God like the search for meaning in
our life. Why do we want to develop all the time? This is because God has made us like that. However, God
would like us tas much if we develop our inside instead. Are our minds expanding like the universe is expanding?
Is there a connection?

There is chance in the world, but not limitless. But our mind experience it like it is limitless. God has created
everything. Why should we believe in God when there is so many other things to believe in the world. To think
about God could be very boring.

I also did a three screen film because I wanted to show that you are three people in a relationship. When two
people meet they create a third person. That person exists sometimes with full opacity and sometimes with zero.
If you had loved someone the third person is always left.

As a feminist that I am I wanted to make God as a woman. I wanted to make the man weak that he wasn’t in
control. Women very often get that character.

24 days to light
by Carolina Hindsjö

Advent calendar. I posted one animation every day to Christmas on Instagram.
Instagram: #24daystolight
Animation: The Fat Lady

One animation every day until Christmas.
24 animations on Instagram. #24daystolight

by Carolina Hindsjö

Time: forever
Animation: The Fat Lady

When I am thinking about you

Carolina Hindsjö

Carolina Hindsjö is an animator.