Eternal Beauty


16 november2 december, 2012

Penka Mincheva

“Eternal beauty” can be very relative phrase containing different meanings and aspects of beauty. Beautiful can be many things. But what is it that is claimed to be the most beautiful to be called ”eternal”? Does “Eternal beauty” exist?
This particular project investigates a couple of different beauties, that each of them can be called “eternal”.

One of them deals with the beauty transformations running from the child’s imagination about the beauty of drawn princes, through the extra beautifying of a teen age girl ignoring her natural beauty, to the woman in a certain age when trying to seal her beauty it becomes aim or even maniacal attitude of mind.
In another aspect the beauty is memory and ideal from a very early age, when mother is the most beautiful woman in the world, and this image remains like stamped in consciousness.
Another subject is the beauty of communication where the attitude and the way of expression by word and gestures, through the body language and variable poses are addressed in a very dear and poetic way, where easily one can get back in time when the etiquette and manners of communications / correspondence between people were from nowadays point of view very respectful.
And last but not at least remains the fairytale about the “Mirror on the wall…” showing sometimes very wrongly, but still reality.
As a conclusion the “Eternal beauty” can be anything that brings joy, impression and respect.