Monica Larsson is educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 1989-95 and has worked with art exhibitions in Sweden and abroad and with public works of art. Her art is about processing and expressing what we have around us, trying to understand our inner and outer world, about how we locate ourselves with our senses in our surroundings. Sometimes art can facilitate orientation, create conversations and make the place more human. Monica Larsson likes to work with public art because then the work ends up in a context where it can both add something and sometimes be a challenge for the room. A work of art can add color and shape that creates curiosity and thoughts. A work at a school can involve the students and become benches where they can socialize and have a coffee. An outdoor work can give the place a clear identity.

Monica Larsson is also certified FEEL practioner (Facilitated Equine Experimental Learning) ®, FEEL® Faciliator Program Sweden 2016-2017, 6 months intensive education program with the founders of FEEL: Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux under the non-profit organisation Horse Spirits Connections.


Mongolian Sessions

27 augusti – 19 september 2021

MONGOLIAN SESSIONS –these paintings are inspired by two trips in Mongolia. With inspiration from the landscape outside the window along the Trans-Siberian Railway and from a 10-day horseback riding trip as we rode along the Orkhan River. In the stunning Mongolian landscape of the strong little Mongolian horses and with uncomfortable Russian saddles, in the Mongolian way you stand up all the time in the stirrups. A special experience. Full speed over the Mongolian steppe.


Utställningar 2020