FLOW – Charity auktion


5 -6 august 2023

Jesper Boysen (Denmark)
Ceasar Martinez Silva (Mexico)
Darius Vaichekauskas (Lithuania)
Oleksiy Kuzmich (Belorussia)
Tomas Koudela (Czech Republic)
Weronika Teplicka (Poland)
Andriy Fischer (Ukraine)
Khalil Dervishev (Ukraine)
Demyan Feri (Ukraine)
Vitaly Kokhan (Ukraine)
Shtonda Maria (Ukraine)

Difficult times call for simple solutions!
Everyone knows that Russian Federation in an act of crulity noone can understand recently blew up the Novokakhovska Dam, thereby committing a colossal ecocide. The blowing up of this facility deprived many peaceful citizens of Ukraine of their homes. Inorder to help we invite you to charity auction to support the Kiev City Center of Complex Service for Homeless Citizens!

The expert in the selection of works is an international expert in the field of contemporary art Kateryna Ray.


60% of the cost of each work sold will be transferred to the account of the Kyiv City Center for Comprehensive Services to Homeless Citizens.

20% of each work sold will be transferred to the artist as a reward.

20% of each work sold will be left to cover organizational expenses.

When will the auction happen?

DATE: 08.05.2023.

TIME: 19:00

Address: Studio 44

Tjärhovsgatan 44 B, 1 tr

116 28 Stockholm


P.S.: If you didn’t make it to the auction and want to see the works, the exhibition will be open until 06.08.2023.

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