The installation Indefinite Edges of Things revolves around the mutability of things and beings and is about conjuring up accidents and death and understanding the world from a vantage point. The work consists of several objects, sculptures, and objects in different materials. To describe the universal, Karin Häll partly uses her own history. Among other things, there is the wig and cap that were worn during a period of illness. On a stack of facts, and books stand the wig holder in cracked clay. A hand appears in a pair of worn jeans, marked with a long lifeline and symbols of health. Boots and umbrellas have been reworked into narrative objects where stillness and passivity merge with movement. The casings and surface materials, reported with padding and content, raise questions about artificial and natural growth.

Equus Asinus, the Pack Donkey, is made life-size from packing and moving blankets and is a reminder of human movement: the burden we carry with us, our ancestry, and timeless movement across borders.

The works are about their own becoming, as much as they shape or conjure up a physical environment. Man is a creature of habit and the most absurd and unexpected can, if the right conditions exist, become the norm. At the same moment that the power of the norm is made visible, the power of habit also gets a thorn.

Karin Häll (MFA) is based in Stockholm and works with sculpture, drawing, and installations. She has exhibited at several galleries and art galleries in Sweden and abroad, including Galleri Huuto, Helsinki, Galerie Dada Post, Berlin, Konstnärshuset, and Stockholm, and is currently also on display at Kulturhuset, Vallentuna. In 2013, Karin Häll received Västmanland’s County Council

Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm, Sweden

16 – 19 April 2015


Indefinite Edges of Things