Ekaterina Sisfontes

I am a concept artist who works with many themes and materials.

For more than 20 years I have exhibited in the international arena. I participated in many biennials of contemporary art, including as a curator for special projects. A large sculpture for a public space is particularly attractive to me, at the same time I use technology that is most suitable for the theme I want to address. It can be anything from photography, drawing, painting, video, performance, or anything else.

As an artist, I want to research among gaps in general human theories about the surrounding world. I ask questions to myself and my audience by examining mistakes and inaccuracies in the general human perception of it. I do this through the creative process where the form is just as important as the content.

For the past six months, I have been a member of STUDIO44 (https://studio44-stockholm.com/) and am one of the founders of the non-profit art association DUO Contradiction (https://www.duocontradiction.com/).