GalleryRostrum, Malmö, Sweden

20 August – 4 September 2022

We showed the exhibition “Distance” at studio 44 in the fall of 2021.
Where we tried to describe what distance and the threat from Corona
did to us.
Now we have gathered again for the exhibition at Rostrum and tried to describe what happened to us after the pandemic.
We wanted out of course, out of our confinement. We wanted to move towards each other, against the world and art, find a language and express
Some of us felt that you want to express something positive, beautiful, and harmonious. Some of us wanted to describe it the feeling of skinlessness and defenselessness that remained after the pandemic.
We landed on a joint title: Without Skin, it describes how one can feel after a thoroughly shaken event and how quickly things change.
And the events of the world continue to shake; the skin is pulled gone again and a new one comes instead.

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