The social role of the Artist

ADGY  International Cultural Center, Songzhuang, Peking, China

18 – 28 November 2017

Rikard Fåhraeus
Madeleine Aleman
Jannike Brantås
Wang Tong
Sun Guojuan
Zhang Lingyun
Song Tao
Wu Yanxi
Yang Jian
Yang Wenping

2017 is the Swedish Year of Culture in China. The Swedish Cultural Year hosts cultural events from Sweden in various cities in China. The activities of the Swedish cultural year include art, music, film, performing arts, visual arts, and lifestyle.

The goal of the Swedish Cultural Year is to promote long-term cooperation and exchange between Sweden and China by increasing awareness of Swedish culture in China and expanding the Chinese audience’s understanding of Sweden.


The group of artists is the most sensitive and sensitive group in social roles and is the nerve end of society … The social responsibility of artists is the perception and ability to discover and express beauty, and artists have the ability to discover many contradictions sounds in life., Use art to present your own opinions and questions, and sometimes dissect questions and provide answers.

The artist uses paintings to write poems, sculptures, and installations to solidify music and shows different dimensions of spiritual space by binding multimedia, expressing the perception of the human body in his works, and revealing the thoughts and feelings in the transfer of emotions. The expression of individual experience highlights the social state of group consciousness, or the uncompromising individuality of social commonality … Artists are a special group in human society, an indispensable conscience, and explorer in human society, and the existence of artists is human to express their own and metaphysical gaze upward and to touch the ultimate spiritual experience in a tangible form…

“The work of art has its own proof within itself: the concepts designed or abused cannot bear to be represented in images. They all suddenly fall and show a pale disease, which can convince no one. But. The works of art which reveal the truth and present it to us as a vital force—control us and compel us to submit, and no one seems to refute them, even in the future. No one wants to refute them.” -Solzhenitsyn (1970 Jobel Literature Prize winner, known as “Russian Conscience”).

The artist uses his own methods to summarize and unravel the part of human thoughts and feelings that are not expressed by words, language, music, etc. …. What is the social role of the artist? The above can only be one of the social roles of the artists, and it is the purpose of this art exhibition to explore the social roles of the artists. We invited four Swedish artists to Beijing to exchange and dialogue with seven Chinese artists, to show the different thinking of Eastern and Western cultures about the social role of artists and the positive meaning of reshaping the social role of artists. This is the “Swedish Cultural Year-Chinese-Swiss exchange art exhibition” “Expectation and value”.

Curator: Sha Sha