The Litmus Commission

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

19 – 21 February 2010

Joel Hurlburt
Monica Melin
Ola Nilsson

The Litmus Commission is based on the fact that Supermarket is exposed to, and is part of, Kulturhuset 2010. There are many common concepts within artist-driven platforms and at Kulturhuset, including the conversation, and we want to investigate the visibility of these.

Participation is one of the most important concepts when democracy but also culture are discussed and Kulturhuset is a result of such reasoning with many different activities. A common thread is the living room of culture as it is called. The reasoning goes back to the early 70s with cultural democracy.

Litmus paper – absorbs and interprets
What is an art to you?
Interviews, conducted earlier this year with Kulturhuset’s visitors and in the present during Supermarketartfair, address the visitors’ relationship to the culture and the place.
The Litmus Commission is here a laboratory with, among other things, speech synthesis, tape recorders, and decibel meters that shape the sound and information landscape of the situation.
The booth is a gateway to a work in progress that manifests itself in different ways and emphasizes the interactivity of culture with its encounters. The registration processes are a basis for our work to interpret, repeat, rework, and possibly understand.