DRAMATEN, Stockholm, Sweden

11 December 2009

Agneta Björklund
Jannike Brantås
Michael Ellburg
Matilda Fahlsten & Cecilia Aaro
Rikard Fåhraeus
Emma Hammarén
Ingela Hamrin
Susanne Högdahl Holm
Monika Masser
Ola Nilsson
Meggi Sandell & Mikale Adle

One-day exhibition with Studio44 The artist collective Studio44 makes a short stopover at Dramaten, with the one-day exhibition Intermediate about constantly being on the go.

What is an exhibition for the artist? A short breather before taking off again…to new heights? An opportunity to pull out the map and check where you have ended up. A place to confront others. A border state or passage in the search for the definitive end goal. But where does it go from there?
The viewer sees the exhibition as an end goal. Or possibly the beginning of a journey of your own. Either way, movement is important. Even if you think that when you get there, then it’s over. (Can one finally arrive?)

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