13 – 16 March 2008

Ingela Hamrin
Ola Nilsson
Keneth Pils
Pontus Raud
Maria Saveland


Ingela Hamrin’s painting depicts the environment of a village in Medelpad. “Where I come from, people worry about people leaving the town. Somewhere in a village outside a small town in the middle of Sweden.”


Mumble is a text audio work where the sound qualities of the conversation are in focus. Statements, questions and laughter can be found in a conversation about art at the Center for Care Development, Stockholm County Council. The conversation is processed with echo, overlays and distortion to focus on an emotional experience. Melody, intonation and dialect are significant features of language for an experiential rather than communicative understanding of language. Unintelligible text sequences can be liberating in the sense that they do not need to engage the logical brain
Text and speech have formed the basis of much of my work in recent years. It has simply become a consequence of a number of works that have interaction as a starting point. Communicating has been supplemented by considering speech and text as sound and sounding, rather than information.


The project “State of mind” is an investigation based on placing one and the same head in different contexts to see what happens in the meeting between them. The head is the calibrated unit (thermometer) that makes it possible to measure. “State of mind” measures the temperature of the place it landed in.
The head is a representation of a “neutral” human head. It does not depict any particular person and is not a self-portrait. It is a completely fictitious person, who writes a story based on the situation he finds himself in. But at the same time, despite the circumstances, he is always the same regardless of the context.
“State of mind” has developed over a long time and has become a kind of companion. The project started back in 1994 with a head that was modeled in clay. Since then, hundreds of casts and images have been made with the head as the common denominator.

A display cabinet policy exists in every home.
Politics for a showcase exists in every home.


Maria Saveland shows a triptych consisting of drawings and sculptures that in different ways want to raise questions about the complex relationship between human intellect and the geological conditions that life requires.

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