Terminalen c/o Kolektivet Livet

28 mars 2022

In cooperation with DUO Contradiction and Candyland

During a 5-hour-long auction, 102 of the 169 works donated by artists of various backgrounds to support the people fleeing the war in Ukraine were sold.

Over 500 people visited the event on Saturday 26 March in Stockholm. The great interest from artists and visitors surprised the organizers. The same applied to the result and the enormous commitment:

“‘The first shock came when we received over 160 works of art as contributions to the auction. The second shock — was when I realized that absolutely everyone we’ve asked for help was ready to volunteer. I was born in Ukraine and the war affects me personally. But the more than 50 volunteers who contributed to the event have shown as strong a commitment as I have. So grateful!”, says the auction’s producer Alina Abdullayeva.

Now all unsold works will be exhibited on Ordfront’s premises at Fiskargatan 8 in Stockholm, where they will have a second chance for a sale.

One of the organizations that will be able to share the collected funds is Shelter plus from Kryvyi Rih in eastern Ukraine. They work i.a. a. to evacuate the most vulnerable – people, with disabilities.

“Under fire, low mobility can literally become a matter of life and death, because those people cannot run to shelter. We are very happy that we managed to transport 150 people with disabilities and 129  of their family members from Kryvyi Rih, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv region to safe places in European countries. We hope to be able to transport many more people in need with the help of other organizations and people”, — says Oleksandr Romancha from Shelter Plus.

The art auction was carried out in collaboration with artist collective Terminalen ℅ Kollektivet Livet, Duo Contradiction, Studio 44, Candyland, organizations Swedish International Liberal Centre, Östrguppen, Ordfront, food company Piquant, rental company Ramirent and printing company Urban print.

Auctioneer: Anastasia Radovanova

Photos taken by José Figueroa