The first people and their stuff

Kylskåpet - Katarina Warrenstein

The Project Room

12 – 28 April 2024

The first people: I made these sculptures many years ago and showed them at Edsvik’s Art Hall, in Aug 2012. Before that, I had them as companions and friends in the studio for a while.

When I entered the studio and saw “the first people”, the white fabric sculptures, I never felt alone, which you can sometimes do in the studio. Now I will soon be separated from them again and I wanted to show up and be with them again. The idea for the sculptures I got from seeing some of the first depictions of people you know, those found in excavations in the city of Ain Ghazal in Jordan, 6800 BC.

I saw sculptures at the British Museum in the mid-90s. Their expression completely took me, they radiated curiosity, innocence, expectation, and in some way humor. That’s how I wanted to do them. It became something completely new to me.

Katarina Warrenstein