The Portal

Project Room

27 January – 12 February 2023

The Portal
The exhibition consists of 3 parts of artwork. The portal is about the
reconnection of our nature is.

Inspired by the One Ocean Flag movement from the freediving competition  Vertical
Blue 2022, the performance One water is a ceremony for uniting the oneness
consciousness, which for all things are one. There is no polarity, no right or wrong,
no disharmony but only identity. One identifies oneself as a part of the one.  The
ceremony consists of a 30 minutes meditation on oneness with 30 breaths and a
sharing of water after meditation with the audience.

The series of paintings of The Portals and Breath are visual translations of the
sensations I experienced in free-diving. As there were moments when the logical
mind was resting, the body, mind, and soul were connected, and worries and fears were
liberated and replaced with acceptance and peace. Sensations were felt with no
judgment, consciousness was really aware of itself, kept in the center, and kept
going forward.

The series of portraits of Stockholm mermaids are portraits of female free-dive athletes
based in Stockholm: Paula Johnson, Mai Morimura, Li Karlsén, and myself. This
series of paintings is a tribute to the feminine energy and my female free-diving
fellows, as we share the awareness of connection to nature, riding the wave of the
moon cycle in training, being our authentic selves and evolving.