New Neutralities


11 – 28 May 2023

Jakob Anckarsvärd
Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson
Carl Baratta
Jonas Bergkvist
Steve Hurd
Mariana Ekner
Belinda Morén
Max Presniell
Annie Reiniger-Holleb
Nellie King Solomon
Nina Wedberg Thulin
Peter Varhelyi

The notion of Swedish neutrality seems chiseled in stone as something true and eternal. It is true that there hasn’t been a war engaging Sweden for over two hundred years. As a force of diplomacy this northern country has played an important role in international affairs. On a personal level, most Swedish citizens have enjoyed the privilege of peace and the perception of being of reliable heritage.
Today the russian attack on Ukraine has changed everything, Sweden is moving towards joining NATO, and the EU is a more important alliance after the Trump years. The exhibition reflects upon new realities and the world from a Swedish perspective, on war, migration, nationality and self reflection.
This show is multidisciplinary and broad in a sense and activates the room and space and expands borders in a collaboration between Stockholm and Los
Angeles. This exhibition is a part of the SkandiLA project and the next step will be in Bendix Building, in Los Angeles.
All welcome!