Gallery and the  Project Room

18 August – 3 September 2023

The first memory of earth beneath bare feet and the childhood perception of time as long-winding.
The physical experience of the physicality of earth. The moldable clay and the fertile soil create
the possibility of different worlds. Earth is a condition for all life. The hidden system of signals
between bacteria, the mycelium of mushrooms, and roots breaks down and metamorphoses.
Earth as a mother, an archetype native to almost all cultures.

Caducity and transformation. 

Occupation of foreign land and annexation of others’ spheres of life. To take the right to plunder

and devastate the land, disregarding what was there.
The earth is divided by constructed borders, to be on the wrong side and long for the land of the
native land. And to end up in exile with the earth of the native land in one’s shoes.

Predation and extinction.

The earth’s crust and the movement of the tectonic plates and cosmic bodies’ collisions and impact,
create new minerals to be found. Earth is a hiding place for diamonds and precious minerals,
manganese, gold, cobalt, and Lapis Lazuli which dyed Virgin Mary’s shroud.
The colors of earth, umber and golden okra, Verona green earth, and terra di Siena has through
history attracted both eyes and hands.

Observation and creation.