2003 – 2023

Anniversary Exhibition

We stand up for cultural diversity and fight for the right to culture.

Participating Artists

Abraham Amanuelabiy, Nils Agdler, Madeleine Aleman, Jakob Anckarsvard, Maria Backman Koch, Eva Beierheimer, Hanna Beling, Kicki Berg, Christina Berglund, Agneta Björklund, Lillemor Boman Carlén, Jannike Brantås, Helena Burman, Magnus Carlén, Marco Cueva, Laёtitia Deschamps, Lotta Döbling, Annica Einarson, Mariana Ekner, Åsa Elieson, Michael Ellburg, Emma-Lina Ericson, Stefan Forss, Cecilia Furberg, Rikard Fåhraeus, Antonie F. Grahamsdaughter, Emma Göransson, Christina Göthesson, Po Hagström, Bethan Hamilton, Emma Hammarén, Ingela Hamrin, Kjell Hansson,Pelle Hansson,Christina Hedlund, Penja Hesselbäck, Carolina Hindsjö, Geraldine Hudson, Joel Hurlburt, Andrea Hvistendahl, Susanne Högdahl Holm, Andrea Hösel, Anders Jansson, Annika Johansson, Margareta Johansson, Stefan Johansson, Charlotte Jönsson, Mats Landström, Monica Larsson, love and devotion (ingrid eriksson, carina gunnars, karin johnson, anna kindgren), Catrin Lundqvist, Monika Masser, Penka Mincheva, Harri Monni, Måns Müllner, Lotte Nilsson Välimaa, Helena Norell, Björn Olsén, Kenneth Pils, Katarzyna Piorek, Lena Kolenka Rammi, Pontus Raud, Anna Stina Rehnström, Rita Rockenlid, Anna-Britta Sandberg, Meggi Sandell, Maria Saveland, Johanna Schartau, Gisela Schink, Paula von Seth, Anna Selander, Masoud Shahsavari, Ekaterina Sisfontes, Alexandra Skarp, Kristina Stark, Stefan Uhlinder, Peter Varhelyi, Niklas Wallenborg, Katarina Warrenstein, Nina Wedberg Thulin, Peter Westman, Erik Wijkström, Peter Wiklund, Chih-Lin Yeh, Andrej Zverev


29 September – 15 October 2023

20 years as an open art institution

When culture and the accessibility of culture are threatened, Studio 44 takes an obvious stand for inclusion and diversity.
Studio 44’s anniversary exhibition manifests the different expressions and platform art as a democratic cornerstone in society.
We represent artistic freedom as part of the freedom of expression we may no longer take for granted.

Studio 44 is and will remain an important art scene in Sweden but with an open and inclusive approach. The gallery, which has high ceilings, huge arched windows, and patinated wooden slats, stands with the punk scene below and in the middle of Kulturhuset Kapsylen. The capsule factory from 1900 became a collective in 1978 and in 2003 Studio 44 was created to function as an artist-run gallery and cultural scene. We have hosted a wide range of exhibitions and contributed to the movement of initiatives supporting the Supermarket art fair.

Here, all art trends have been combined, from performance, installation, and video to minimalism and sound art. Through membership, the artists have been co-creators and curators. We have acted as a hub in the cultural center of Kapsylen and engaged Sweden’s art scene far beyond Åsön or Södermalm.

One of the most important functions has been exchanges and collaborations between galleries but also between artists. Artists from all over the world have been engaged as well as passers-by on the street have been drawn into the magical world that Sturio 44 proudly produced.
We have no plans to downsize or rest on our laurels but look forward to continuing to create art opportunities in Stockholm’s innermost heart with a steady pulse and engaging message.

To celebrate this artistic achievement, we have gathered many of the members who have passed between the moving walls of the gallery from its inception to the present day. Members create the gallery. We welcome everyone to the party, which is a motley event, that both reflects our business and is our strength.