CHAOS – Member exhibition 2022

Gallery & Projectroom

10 – 23 June 2022


13 artists relate to the concept of chaos in an exhibition with painting, video, photography, sculpture, and objects at Studio 44. Tjärhovsgatan 44 in Stockholm.

Vernissage on 10/6 at 5-10 pm. The exhibition is short and improvised and June 23rd is the last day.

Chaos has to do with unpredictability. In the scientific field, chaos theory is based on the fact that an extremely small change in a process can give rise to a surprising result, such as the butterfly effect.

These days, we can be horrified by a messy world of war and conflict, increasing polarization, cyber trolls, and climate disasters, but also charmed by an image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole in our galaxy.

Chaos is a word derived from the Greek word for space, which did not consist of a void but was filled with a formless basic matter – a stage before the creation of the world.

The organic and transformative as opposed to the square and planned, chaos seems to stand for, something that gives rise to change and perhaps provides the opportunity for a state of creative flow.