Art-School LINNEA


Bild: Vilhelm Funke


28 April – 15 May 2022 

The art school LINNEA turns 30 and celebrates it with an ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION!

The art school LINNEA celebrates 30 years and invites you and everyone you know to an art exhibition!

The exhibition shows new works by participants at the school today, and by former participants who today work as artists at INUTI Ateljéer.

30 artists contribute to the exhibition with self-portraits where personal expression is central.

Who are we?

The art school LINNEA started in 1992 and is an art and cultural education/daily activity for people on the autism spectrum or/and with intellectual disabilities. Art school LINNEA’s 30th-anniversary celebration will be an opportunity to draw attention to the right to education and the right to develop and use one’s creative ability. We do this by showing the multifaceted and exciting visual expressions that are contained in our business. It is important that people living with disabilities are allowed to work and be seen in the city’s cultural arenas and have the right to education, and it is equally important for the audience to be able to take part in the artistic diversity even when it comes to function.