Impact/Recycling Njalla! Landscape tracks

Gallery & The project room

11 – 27 March 2022

Emma Göransson
Roland Ljungberg
Mariana Ekner
Johan Nordbeck

The landscape of the impermanent is explored from three different perspectives.

Mariana Ekner & Johan Nordbeck’s Averkan/Recycling examines artifacts from the screen workshop, with associations to all stages of life and everyday life. Recycling becomes meaningful in new ways.

Emma Göransson’s installation is entitled Njalla! Eight “njallas”, Sami pole huts, are placed over lake-soaked stumps based on traditional Sami architecture. In textile and watercolor, the material choices express different types of femininity, as well as clashes between rural and urban environments, history, and the present.

Roland Ljungberg’s contribution Landskapsrum explores the landscape as construction, where the dream of life is attached. Only the tracks are visible; our traces interweave and superimpose what we believe to be nature.