28 January – 13 February 2022

Lena “Kolenka” Rammi

Living in the darkness you have to carry on.

“This darkness holding me
reminds me of my own mortality
Embrace this moment,
We are eternal,
all this pain is an illusion”

Black and white graphic, paper, ink, gel pen.

Katarina Warrenstein:

I deal with the void

Everything that doesn’t exist. Which can be filled. What is missing? It’s like it was something.
How to fill the void?
Someone has left, traveled away, disappeared, abandoned. Maybe it’s me who goes? The present is over.
A memory flashes. Someone steps forward, steps out of a black and white photo, steps out to me, almost there but disappears again.

“Moss sculptures”

Why do I use moss in the sculpture? That is a question I ask myself. It may be that it is the passage of time that I want to draw attention to. It can also be a feeling that everything is a very long time ago, that everything belongs together and is mixed together. Mittens belong with moss with sticks with jars, as in the different corridors of memory and imagination. Everything gets a kind of meaning, like in a dream when I wake up and wonder how I could dream so strangely, something significant has happened to me, both in the dream and in the sculpture. I’m a member of a mysterious circle, humanity that doesn’t really know where it’s going except that we’re almost there.

Christina Hedlund:

Most things suggest that things are going wrong. GAME OVER
Do not start on a new canvas until all possibilities are exhausted: it happens that something unexpected appears, wants to speak, and has a form that drags everything else with it.
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