WTITB (What’s That In The Background?)


24 September – 10 October 2021

Sebastian Nordbeck
Max Olofsson

What life, what breath, what rhythmic forms!
(Favorites in a replay.)

WTITB is short for What’s That In The Background?
An artistic research project since 2011.

Just like in our homes, cartoon character art hangs on the walls. We have browsed through the commercial comic book publishing in Sweden from the 1940s to today and provide an overview of how art is represented in comic books, how it looks, and what it says about the view of art and artists.

What does art look like when it has to be seen to be art?

How do these representations of art fare as physical artworks?

Here, these works, plucked from their respective comic worlds, are brought together in the WTITB metaverse.