the great unknown

In exchange with Gallery ROSTRUM, Malmö

29 October – 14 November 2021

Andrés Diaz Garcia
Anna Lönn Franko
Lisa Fjellman
Cian Burke
Torsten Hylander
Maria Lavman Vetö
Hans Johansson
Tuss Marie Lysén

Galleri Rostrum visits Studio 44

Part 1 of a joint cultural exchange.

Curiosity, the need to explore each other’s artist-run galleries, the desire to converse, work for and around art, cultural
the network brings us and other self-organized galleries together.
Artist-run galleries are growing in number and strength worldwide and perhaps it is this force that has the greatest opportunity to collectively protect artistic integrity and safeguard the survival of art.

Eight artists from Rostrum with diametrically different ways of expression come together in an exhibition under the embracing title:

`the great unknown’