Circuit (2021). Excerpt: 2:21 min. Full film 5:15 min. A video from the exhibition “Fyra Rum” 15 January – 7 February 2021 at Studio 44

Cast: Helena Norell
Paintings by Helena Norell
”Random Spanish words” by Dobroide, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License from free
Video and Sound Design by Mats Landström.
© 2021 Mats Landström

The project room

15 January – 7 February 2021

Mats Landström is a filmmaker, artist, and sound designer whose work crosses medium. He creates soundscapes that together with film work together to accomplish a much larger whole. The aim of his work is to create audiovisual storytelling.

Often the immediate surroundings can play the main role. Everyday places or situations can be given a completely different meaning. Mats have also worked with photographic series that reflect social and political reality.