4 Individual exhibitions

Gallery & The project room

19 November – 5 December 2021

Carolina Hindsjö:

The sun in the room

Icarus’ wings let go as the wax burst
Mom told me “Never fly too close to the sun”.
Angels’ wings don’t melt. Nor are they afraid of hubris.
What would life be like without it? Boring and grey.
Never someone who stood out or was too much. Always this jantelag.
The angels fly close to the sun, it’s warm and nice there, you don’t have to freeze.
And besides, many new spreads for pranks.

Helena Burman

The Milky Way 

As a child, I traveled in my imagination across the universe. Through large star clusters, galaxies and planets. In my childhood room, the window to the night sky became my view of the Milky Way. The universe’s endless black void became my security and at the same time a conscious fear of living. 

In this exhibition “The Milky Way” I present 11 “blobs” or UFOs in soft plush, stuffed into cuddly pillows. The pattern is based on photographs composed of mathematical reflections that I call “Facilities from 1999” 

Enclosed in a fluffy warm sleeping bag, I protect myself from the living. In this safe “Memory Mummy” I am enveloped in darkness. 

“The Milky Way” is painted in white plastic stuff that would still only be recycled. Enclosed and protected in embracing plastic. 

 The exhibition is a journey into my past and into my future. 

All at once.