Islands / Bubbles Schillerspalais

Islands / Bubbles Schillerspalais

Any landscape is a condition of the spirit’
/Henri Frédéric Amiel/

How do our surroundings define us?

What is an island and how is its image constructed?

In what way are we affected by the constant displacements and translations taking place in today’s globalized society?

The exhibition project *Islands / Bubbles *is a collaboration of seven Swedish, Bulgarian, and German artists who investigate the metaphorical space of an island—the tourist, the animateur, the explorer and their thoughts and dreams—as well as the physical act of traveling, relaxing and discovering.

In a process of steady transformation, we link up dissimilar styles, various production strategies, and materials. Several layers of ideas, allusions, and atmosphere are deposited on top of each other.

The presentations at Studio 44 will be flanked by activities including artist talks and screenings on the topics of tourism, migration, and traveling.


23th March – 15th April 2018

Julia Hürter
Matthias Roth
Penka Mincheva
Kim Dotty Hachmann
Ricarda Wallhäuser
Stefan Winkler