Bestruction (stage 2)


21 -29 Mars 2018

Utställningen är del två i samarbetet och utbytet med galleri Schillerspalais Top> från Berlin som under perioden 23 mars till 15e april visar utställningen “Islands / Bubbles” på Studio44. ” Bestruction (part2)” är dels en respons på detta samt en uppstart inför Studio44:as utställning i Berlin nu i September.

Vernissage i samband med Stockholms Kulturnatt:


The construction, destruction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of the ideas, hopes, and dreams of the human being and the world we think we thought how it would be and become.
The passage eternally from what was to what will be. The teleportation of matter and mind from telemetric to porthole. The real belief in the fake and the fake belief in the real.
A matter-time-chrystal pulsating organically in the machines of approximate exact timing. A fractal tree regrowing a fractured copy into the original. A reformation in deformation to formation. An inoculation on the human oculus. The bubbles that rise and the islands that sink linked. A froth of collective desolation de-collecting the collect-calls of fury and fondling.
Not: to be or not to be, but the be in the not, that is the bee in the knot.  A better than the best struction of bestruction from A to B. > top

An unreal real exhibition.