Den slutna cirkeln by Salad Hilowle (Sweden), 06:30 min
My Dear Dad Said/ پدر جون گفت  by Afrang Nordlöf Malekian (Sweden), 10:08 min
Our Memories Falls Glass-Clear To No Ending Except Ourself by Afrang Nordlöf Malekian (Sweden), 06:19 min
The Tame and the White by Shiva Anoushirvani (Sweden), 09:06 min
Det är vi/It`s us by Paula Urbano (Sweden) 04:05 min
PAR: ID 416869 A by Julia and Clara von Schantz (Sweden), 08:04 min
Letter to Sweden by Salad Hilowle (Sweden), 08:16 min
Samhällsteater by Lars Arrhenius (Sweden), 10:00 min
Aspargus by Suzan Pitt (USA), 17:30 min
Phantasme by Charlotte Åberg and Florence Montmare (Sweden), 03:02 min
The Dolls by Mats Landström (Sweden), 02:00 min
Madonna by Olivia Mae (USA) 02:32 min
The body is a lonely place by Ida Lindgren (Sweden), 09:54 min
Oscar by Olivia Mae (USA), 01:54 min
Couch potato by Olivia Mae (USA), 04:37 min
Bussresan by 13:40 by Sarah Gampel (Sweden), 13:40 min
Lovely Journey by Carolina Hindsjö (Sweden), 21.00 min
Like a Mirrored Pool by Eivind Landsvik (Norway), 08:05 min
meg szebbek/ beauties by Hajni Ki (Hungary), 06:37 min
Feel feel my heart expanding by Ebba Bohlin (Sweden), 01:00 min
Sleeping with the Fishes by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (USA), 02:19 min
The Daydreamer by Charlotte Åberg (Sweden), 04:14 min
Steps:One by Jennifer Sharpe (USA), 08:21 min
Sommartabell x 4 by Christina Göthesson (Sweden) 03:02 min
4:33 by Lars Arrhenius (Sweden), 04:33 min
In Anticipation of the Unexpected (exerpt) by Matthew Lessner (Sweden/USA), 03:43 min
Orange, blue and yellow by Helena Norell (Sweden), 05:10 min
Septic tank by Carolina Hindsjö (Sweden), 04:31 min
Mountain in Shadow by Lois patio (Spain), 13:52 min
Kyma by Mari Kretz (Sweden). 03:31 min
Tåg TV by by (Sweden), 07:48 min
Lunetic by Aase Ersmark (Sweden). 05:31 min
Steps:Two by Jennifer Sharpe (USA), 08:40 min
Synthetic Interview by Hugo Archier (France), 07:53 min
HNN je pars by Hugo Archier (France), 04:48 min
Feel fell my heart expanding by Ebba Bohlin (Sweden), 01:00 min
Slam by Helena Norell (Sweden), 02:30 min
Wavelenght by Mats Landström (Sweden), 08:55 min
Etude* a day by Camilla Lindén (Sweden), 09:31 min
Some Maniac by Ali Tansu Turhan (Turkey), 07:48 min Visitation by Suzan Pitt (USA, 10:39 min
Eager by Allison Schulnic (USA), 08:30 min
Superbia by Luca Tóth (Hungary),15:43 min
The Negotiation by Lilli Carré (USA), 6:08 min
Wednesday with Goddard by Nicolas Ménard (Canada), 04:30 min
Dog Glossary by Edwin Rostron (UK), 01:01 min
Calvin Cardioid – Lullaby for a nameless creature by Elina Kasesalu (Estonia), 03:51 min
Slow Woods by Tinne Zenner (Denmark), 01:23 min
The Man with the Beautiful Eyes by Jonathan Hodgson (UK), 05:38 min
Another Wall, Another Door by Katie Armstrong (USA), 07:04 min
An ordinary blue Monday by Naomi van Niekerk (South Africa), 03:14 min
Fight by Steven Subotnick (USA), 03:45 min
Le clitoris by Lori Malépart-Traversy (France), 03:17 min
Six god alphabet by Peter Millard (UK), 06:46 min
Love by Réka Bucsi (Hungary/France), 14:32 min


15 – 20 augusti 2017

Helena Norell
Mats Landström
Carolina Hindsjö

Animation och kortfilmsexplosion med oväntade möten! Animationer, Narrativa, Konstfilm, Experimentell, Feministisk, Queer, Antirasistiska… 40 deltare från 15 länder.
– Animation and Short Film Explosion with unexpected meetings! Animations, Narrative, Art Movies, Experimental, Feminist, Queer, Antirasist… 40 participants from 15 countries.