25 – 31 juli 2016

Anna Knappe
Aino Johansson
Anna Tahkola
Harri Piispanen
Lora Dimova
Melanie Orenius
Oskar Johnström
Vili von Nissinen
Sepideh Rahaa

How do gender identities play out in our roles as artists, and how are they present in the artistic practice? Our group has worked together before on topics that inevitably engage questions of gender: through photography, video, performance, painting, drawing and installation art – but not tackling it in a direct manner. As artists we tend to think we are free to communicate anything we want, but are we truly free when living in a constructed reality where what we should be and therefore do is forced upon us continually?

This exhibition will attempt to focus on how much our gender roles control us, how we perceive gender in the first place and whether or not we are free to play and explore this theme through our art. Breaking or enforcing gender roles can be equally damaging, thus the exhibition also comments on where the responsibility lies. For some exploring gender can be just a game, whilst for others it can be a question of life and death.

Is it possible for us as exhibitors, curators and visitors to come to a cohesive conclusion in thought or feeling, or should we aim to attain a diversity that neither answers questions or communicates a cohesive argument but rather shows a state of being, one that explores ourselves and those around us as a commutative function of the human identity on a spinning ball through the chaos of space.